Art. 1

General information

The operator of the website (also called the Website) is Caritas Polska (hereinafter also the Operator), which has in mind the privacy of users visiting this website.

As part of the operation of this website, the following information about user data and their behavior is obtained:

– saved in the web server logs;

– saved in Google Analytics data;

– saved in forms;

– saved on end devices as part of cookies.

Art. 2

Copyright and related rights

The website is a work within the meaning of the Act of February 4, 1994 on copyright and related rights (consolidated text, Journal of Laws 2018, item 1191) and it is forbidden to use any content of the Website in whole or in part for non-commercial or commercial purposes without the prior consent of the Operator.

The Operator reserves all rights to the Website in accordance with generally applicable law.

Art. 3


The operator takes care of publishing content in a reliable manner, however, the Operator is not responsible for the consequences of possible use of this content by users or third parties without violating any part of point II of this policy.

The website contains links to other websites operated by other operators. The operator is also not responsible for the content and privacy policy of linked websites operated by other operators. The operator recommends that you read the privacy policy each time you go to the linked page.

This policy applies only to this Website.

Art. 4.

Collection of data

The website stores HTTP queries directed to the Website server as well as the browsed resources based on URL addresses.

The following information is stored in the web server log files, as far as technically possible:

1) IP address

2) name of the client’s station

3) time of arrival of the inquiry,

4) the first line of the http request,

5) time of sending the reply,

6) HTTP response code,

7) the name of the client station identified on the basis of the HTTP protocol, if possible,

8) information about errors that occurred during the implementation of the HTTP transaction,

9) URL address of the page previously viewed by the user in the case of being redirected to the Website via a link,

10) information about the user’s browser,

11) number of bytes sent by the server,

12) other technical data of an anonymous nature,

The above data is not associated with specific people browsing the Website.

The above data is stored for an indefinite period and possibly used only for the purposes of administering the Website and statistical purposes.

Art. 5

Google Analitycs

The operator uses the solutions of an external provider (Google, Inc. based in Mountain View, California, United States) that analyzes anonymous data about users visiting the Website, the so-called Google Analitycs, which works on the basis of cookies without providing personally identifiable information.

Each user should read the Google Analytics privacy policy available at





Art. 6



The user who only browses the Website while reading its content is not obliged to reveal his identity.

The website collects relevant information provided voluntarily by the user in forms such as: name, surname, e-mail address, zip code, city, country, purpose (payments), amount (payments / declarations), type of donor, company logo. in order to carry out the process for which the given form is used, e.g. a complaint.

Where the data referred to in sec. 1 allow for the identification of a natural person, this data is processed in accordance with the Operator’s personal data protection policy. At the same time, each user, before sending the form, must each time indicate that he has received information from the Operator regarding the protection of personal data on the subpage or the subpage of a specific program / collection. The operator archives the declaration of receipt of this information.


Art. 7


The website uses cookies that are not used to obtain any information about the users of the website or to track their navigation.

Cookies contain the name of the Website, storage time on the end device, and a unique number. These data are not associated with specific people browsing the website.

Cookies do not store any personal data of users.

Cookies are used for statistical purposes and to maintain the user’s session.

Cookies are divided into session cookies, which are stored on the user’s device until logging out or leaving the website, and permanent cookies, which are stored on the user’s device until they are deleted by the user or in accordance with the parameters of these files.

Users can block the storage of cookies by appropriately configuring their web browser. The Help option, which may be found in the user’s browser, may be useful in this regard.


Art. 8

Providing and entrusting data processing


Sharing any data is possible within the limits of generally applicable law or with the consent of a specific person.

Entrusting the processing of personal data may take place on the basis of the Operator’s contracts with third parties concluded on the basis of generally applicable law.

Art. 9

Final Provisions


Each User should use the Website carefully, in particular should use the latest anti-virus software, enable the so-called firewall as well as use any other security measures.

By using the Website, you accept all of the above-mentioned rules.

If the Operator changes this privacy policy, its current version is published on the Website.